Financial Assistance for Genetic Testing

Requests for financial assistance can be made by patients or their health care providers.

Our Board of Directors approves funding on a case by case basis. Topics of interest to the board when reviewing requests for funding (include but are not limited to):

1. Personal and family history of cancer
2. Healthcare provider recommendation or feedback
3. Insurance coverage
4. If an insurance denial has been appealed

If you have a family or personal history of cancer and are seeking financial assistance. Please complete the risk assessment form and e-mail to or call 402-659-3438.

Awareness and Education

Cancer genetic testing has been clinically available for over twenty years, yet many patients are still unaware of their risk for developing a hereditary cancer.

When men and women are aware of their risk they can act upon that risk by modifying their lifestyle, working with their provider to develop an early detection screening and/or prevention plan, or undergo prophylactic procedures to reduce their risk of developing cancer. Patients undergoing cancer treatment may also have targeted therapies to better treat their cancer.

Support and Empower Patients

We believe it is important for men and women to feel they are not alone. We believe in arming patients with the knowledge they need to take control of their own health. Therefore, we provide group and one-on-one support for patients at risk for familial and hereditary cancers.

We have also served as patient advocates in various capacities.

Provider Outreach

We emphasize the importance of cancer risk assessment and utilizing a family and/or personal history to identify high risk patients.

We help providers use risk assessment to access cancer genetic testing by offering financial assistance and support when patients are identified.

Research Advocacy and Collaboration

We are proponents of cancer research. If it wasn’t for men and women participating in research, we would not be where we are today.

If patient’s are interested in enrolling and participating in research studies, we are happy to make those connections.