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Tinidazole over the counter cvs, Buy tinidazole online

Kamie K. Preston Hereditary Cancer Foundation is committed to saving the lives of individuals with cancer-causing hereditary genetic mutations. We are a community-centered organization working to educate and support families with hereditary cancer and the physicians that combat it.

Together, we can write a different ending for thousands of patients.


Kamie Preston’s Story

Kamie Preston is remembered as a fighter, a mother and a friend. For those who knew her, she was never a victim of breast cancer. Her cancer was first detected in 2000, and at the time, she was 35 years old. For the next five years, she spent time in and out of the hospital with relapses and tests.

In 2005, Kamie’s battle with cancer was over. But, before she died, she left behind valuable genetic information for her three children. Kamie tested positive for BRCA1.

Several years later, doctors used Kamie’s results as a starting point to test her children for the same mutation. As her legacy lived on, so did the need to raise awareness about the significance of hereditary cancer.

Board of Directors

Dr. Henry Lynch
Chair of Preventative Medicine
Creighton University

Carrie Snyder
MSN, APRN-CNS, APNG Cancer Genetics Nurse Specialist
Creighton University

Dr. San Ming Wang
Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Genetics
and the Director of the Center for Functional Genomics
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Dr. Dan Junck

Audra Meador
Masters in Public Health
BRCA2 family history

Ben Preston
BRCA1+ male

Dr. Andrea Leishman-Barb
OBGYN, Omaha

Brenda Kann
Vice President, Output Services
First Data Corporation

Brandi Preston
Founder and Chief Volunteering Officer

LeAnn Havener
A.P.R.N. Masters in Women’s Health Care
Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse



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